There are six dimensions of Brand Culture that have been chosen as key metrics measured by MDNA Cloud. These dimensions were selected based upon key strategic drivers organizations that have been the most requested when working with Brand Culture.


Innovation is a hot topic in the corporate world today. This dimension represents the potential capacities to foster, drive, and sustain innovation. This can include product-, process- and service-focused innovation. Each gift identifies and participates in innovation—although sometimes not directly—in unique methods.


Productivity is important for everybody. This dimension represents the potential capacity to drive and sustain motivation with and production of desired and measurable results and revenues. Every gift can be productive, however what is deemed productive for one motivational profile, may not be valued the same for the other. It is important to understand and respect each differently.


Also known as “change management,” this dimension represents the potential flexibility, adaptability and capacity of each gift to manage change initiatives. Certain MDNA gifts are more naturally inclined to embrace change than others. But as you will soon see, there is a reason for this. It is critical in times of transition, that we all respect what each gift requires to manage change successfully.


This dimension represents the potential ability to expand personal or professional networks for a particular objective or purpose. Expansion includes (but is not limited to) sales, networking and even recruiting. While each MDNA gift can participate—some being more naturally designed for it than others—they approach aspects of expansion differently.


The practice of knowledge management has become increasingly critical at this moment in corporate history. There will be more professionals—baby boomers—retiring in the next decade than ever before. Some studies claim that for every senior manager that retires, a company needs to hire three junior managers to compensate for the loss of intellectual capital. Knowledge management is required. MDNA gift approaches knowledge management differently. This dimension represents the potential ability to gather, analyze, retain, manage and transfer knowledge.


This dimension represents the potential ability to build and sustain engaging, purpose-driven and holistic community culture. MDNA gift approaches the social engagement and relationships required for community differently.