EIA: Empowering Inspiration & Attraction


The EIA is best described as the “connector.” They have an uncanny ability to connect with people, and then connect those people to an objective or cause on a mass scale if needed. Those who inspire us or shape popular culture, even change history are EIAs. Often described as “a party waiting to happen,” these incredibly influential communicators are designed for the social spotlight. Although typically excelling in sales, public relations, or any professional arena where networking is a strategic advantage, the EIA is designed for much more than center stage. Their true calling is to connect and unite various organizational communities for the benefit of business and society.


Some examples of popular EIAs, today and throughout history, are celebrities like Oprah; Lady Gaga; lead singer of U2 Bono; and co-founder of Facebook and one of the youngest billionaires in the world Mark Zuckerberg. And to reference one of our favorite television series again, Saul Goodman in the show Breaking Bad was a hysterical yet very accurate representation of what an EIA can be like.

(Celebrity profiles are unofficial, unverified and for educational purposes only.)

Brand Culture

Here is how an EIA individual impacts six dimensions of an organization's culture:


Recognizes network connections and opportunities quickly. Embraces and communicates innovative ideas. Loves interaction and can lead groups as sounding boards for collaboration.


Highly productive based upon network opportunity. Natural communicator that can be the brand evangelist. Built for mass media and engagement. Can fall into issues with time management.


Quick to embrace change if attached to broad vision. Will sometimes avoid necessary confrontation during transition. However will maintain relational network most effectively throughout change.


Most effective profile. Expansion is based upon casting vision and value of social networking for opportunity. Manage relationships; be careful to also manage time. Use the social spotlight.


Knowledge is not as important as application and relationships. Will utilize knowledge to communicate and inspire. Sees knowledge as an opportunity if connected to the proper networks.


Exists for social connection on macro-scale. Leads and builds community through maintenance of networks and quickly identifies opportunities. Master at communication and influence.

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