KWR: Knowledgeable Wisdom & Responsibility


Your strongest motivation is to validate information and theories.

You do not accept just anything as “truth.” There needs to be factual and uncontested evidence. This makes you highly analytical. You have no problem accepting theories for face value upfront. But you also have no problem peeking under the hood and performing some investigation of your own.

Therefore, you have a strong ability to research and analyze.

Professionally speaking, you are a knowledge manager. Yes, this may seem a perfect fit for a career in teaching, but that is not always the case. Any professional arena that requires research and analysis is where you are most comfortable.

You are emotionally safe without a critical or judgmental stance.

Because it is about knowledge to you, you are emotionally very easy going with others. Co-workers, clients and even managers can come to you and share their situations and perspectives without fear of judgment.

You are typically committed to family tradition.

If you come from a healthy family however, you not only value family tradition, but professional traditions as well—especially if you have worked hard to attain the knowledge to get where you are.

You take a doctrinal approach to competence.

This is a system of knowledge you use to achieve professional excellence. In your areas of competency, you are considered a subject matter expert. Therefore, you have a high expectation that others follow the same rationale and process to achieve the same results. This makes you the educator and trainer.


You are a precise and detailed communicator.

Ask a KWR what they did on the weekend, and you will get a highly detailed event-by-event recap. Ask a KWR how to properly execute a business process, and you will receive the same. You do not do this to be redundant. Although the surface level information may be obvious to most, to you, the facts that support the obvious are just as important. Person-to-person, this degree of detail can be frustrating to others. But on a business level, when precision is a premium, it is highly valued.

You are motivated by accuracy.

If it is not accurate, then it may not be valid. You need accurate details to support the truth. Again, this can be frustrating to others, but it is who you are and how you stay motivated.

Therefore, you rarely use second-or third-hand details when communicating with others.

You require the evidence straight from the source. This includes using personal anecdotes. The KWR tends to avoid this when trying to communicate truth. Stories can be subjective. Factual data is objective. This is where you prefer to camp on a professional level.

You are approachable and unimposing, preferring to present options and data.

You avoid cramming solutions or actions down somebody’s throat. Instead, you present options and educate others about their choices. You then prefer to let them choose their path. This makes you the wise owl, or better yet the “oracle” that knows all and shares all.

KWRs typically have a wonderful sense of humor.

“Quirky” can be another word to describe this. Not to say the other gifts cannot be funny, it is just the KWR tends to be particularly witty.


As a knowledge manager, you gather, manage, transfer and help others retain the necessary information to achieve a desired objective.

It has been said that when a senior executive retires, without the proper knowledge management, up to three junior staff are required to replace the intellectual capital lost to the organization. This is the kind of situation in which a KWR can operate in a high level of competence.

You are an academic achiever.

You enjoy an intellectual challenge. The KWR typically enjoys attaining certifications, degrees and other academic accolades to validate intellectual prowess.

You are an effective educator.

Look for roles where training is needed to synergize the group and organization. Your edge is here. Just remember, not everybody is as motivated doctrinally as you.

You communicate in logical and systematic formats to facilitate learning.

For example, you give linear descriptions of projects and situations. You prefer to see the sequence of actions. Between this and your sense of humor, you bring tremendous value to an organization or group that requires specific knowledge to get things done efficiently and effectively.

You maintain a select social network, sometimes called knowledge networks, based upon common personal and professional interests.

Knowledge networks can sometimes be seen as a group of “geeks” or “nerds” but ultimately, they are open-source social circles that contain huge deposits of intellectual capital. The ability to maintain these knowledge networks and synergize this intellectual capital to your professional circles can be a serious asset.

You can be highly self-disciplined and controlled.

Like a surgeon that has mastered the scalpel to rescue lives, when it comes to your area of doctrinal competence, you are unparalleled. You take this mastery seriously and this commands the respect of others.

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