KWR: Synergizing with Other Gifts

Every other MDNA gift must recognize that the KWR, while always accepting of anything up front, requires tremendous amounts of time to rationally process decisions and change. The other gifts should also remember that validating information and being precise are highly valued by the KWR. Patience is necessary from the other more spontaneous gifts. Allow the KWR to provide a framework for timing and historical data, especially if you have needs in the areas of governance and compliance.

The following shows potential synergies between the KWR and the other gifts, which is beneficial to understand.


The KWR looks to the UCD for cutting edge and creative innovation. However the KWR can become more concerned with intellectual process, which requires extensive demonstration and documentation. This is in contrast to the UCDÊs approach of, „If it works every time, it must be right!‰ Therefore the KWR must learn to trust the UCD as opposed to standing in judgment.


When working with the SSA, the KWR can complement the SSAÊs leadership-through-service with training in procedures of compliance and governance. Both can work well together within upper levels of executive management.


A very potent combination in terms of knowledge management and precision in research and theoretical validation.


This has the potential to be one of the strongest combinations. The KWR provides the knowledge, while the EIA operates with the vision and social spotlight. The KWR tempers the fearlessness and spontaneity of the EIA with validation and timing.


The two can typically frustrate each other to no end but manage to co-exist and be effective.


The DLF can also become frustrated with the KWR, especially in the area of timeliness and efficiency. The rational decision-making process of the KWR does not always have room for a DLF, depending upon the nature of the organization they are working in.


This is another professionally potent combination. The IAF provides the intuitive framework for the KWR to experience “Aha!” moments. Both however, can suffer from requiring extensive time to process decisions—the KWR needing rational time and the IAF needing emotional time. Therefore, this pairing can be extremely frustrating to others.

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