CVS: Synergizing with Other Gifts

Independence and the orientation toward value are the two most jarring qualities that can prevent synchronizing with the CVS. Within the MDNA framework, there are natural affinities for effective pairing for six out of the seven MDNA gifts. The CVS stands alone. Not one of the other gifts are naturally synergistic to the CVS. Those with this MDNA prefer it that way. This can send the wrong signal to more relationally driven gifts and frustrate those who seek loyalty. To synchronize with a CVS is to accept his or her independence and approach the connection based upon the value it can deliver. The better you can articulate the value proposition, the quicker the CVS will engage.

It is beneficial to understand the social dynamics and potential synergies between the CVS and individuals with the following gifts, as follows:


Combining the UCD with the CVS possesses the greatest potential to solve problems that create a legacy. This potential to solve problems that lead to creating legacy applies not just to the company, but to the futures and families of every employee as well. However, when at odds, the combination can be just as destructive to an organizational culture in the opposite fashion.


Every CVS can use a loyal servant leader, especially in start-up situations. The SSA can prevent premature stagnation and loss of momentum in new initiatives.


The CVS provides the optimal environment for birthing new initiatives, while the KWR solidifies the initiative with precision and validates it with information. Documentation produced from this partnership tends to be more effective. For example, when the KWR creates a wiki   explain wiki associated with a CVS initiative, the wiki often comes alive in a unique fashion.


When the CVS feels the EIA has credibility, a very productive partnership can occur. The CVS provides the resources, and the EIA provides the reach for a mutually desired expansion.


Unfortunately, two individuals with the CVS gift will not usually operate together long term. Short- term projects are possible; however, regardless of return on investment, future projects are typically avoided.


This is an extremely difficult combination to make effective. While the CVS has the ability to birth an initiative, the DLF can drive the initiative to maturity and scalability. However, because both gifts are highly independent, this one-two punch rarely occurs. Both parties require tremendous maturity.


This is another combination that can be difficult to create and maintain. By nature, the IAF requires high levels of social engagement and needs to emotionally connect. The CVS can become annoyed with the energy that relationship takes and perceive it as a waste of valuable time. Personal offense can easily occur. The IAF can also have a difficult time understanding why the CVS needs to keep options open if possible when the IAF intuitively feels one particular choice is just right.

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