EIA: Empowering Inspiration & Attraction


You have the highest level of influence and persuasion across networks.

You thrive on relational connections. You are designed to be a leader. The EIA has the spark to start movements and motivate large groups to do what they may not necessarily want to do.

You are designed for social spotlight across emotional, economic and psychographic barriers.

This is because you are charismatic with the capacity to form professional connections quickly. You embrace openness and variety within an organizational structure of co-workers.

You are a broad visionary seeing opportunities across connections.

Your digital rolodex is your primary asset. You always know somebody that knows somebody that could be connected for value. You are then able to pull everything together to connect the big idea.

You are typically fearless and flexible.

You are driven by vision and love being in constant movement—even if it means dropping the current project or process to embrace a new direction. This makes you an asset during periods of change. And if your leadership skills are sharp, you can help others transition into positive change as well.

As a connector, you can read people and form the right professional and personal assessment.

You are a living and breathing social network.


You can maintain social connections regardless of cost and diversity.

This means you have never met a stranger that you couldn’t embrace and woo into your network despite any differences. You also have an uncanny sense of when to re-connect and how to make up for lost time to rekindle any opportunities.

You are an expert communicator.

You use inspirational terms and inclusive language. This communication style also translates to appearance, presentation, branding and aligning anything else designed to make the right impression. Even your choice of clothing is intentionally designed to make a specific social connection.

You are highly attuned to opinions and positions of others.

You know when to push, back down or improvise when influencing others. People consider you a social chameleon, which is highly advantageous in personal and professional arenas.

You can be engaging and entertaining.

Some may consider you a, “party waiting to happen.” If you were standing at a social function and the group interaction suddenly died, you would have no problem picking up the conversation. You were probably chatty as a child.

You typically can disagree without being alienated.

Whether it is with a project team, management, customers, or even what to do on a family vacation, disagreements are just part of the package for you. You are able to maintain social engagement despite any differences.


You are great at passionately encouraging groups towards a vision and achievement.

Big vision and big ideas often require intense passion to get the entire organization moving towards achievement. Individually, people may not be willing to take the risk. But you can engage the entire group and encourage the necessary momentum.

You therefore require real-time social feedback.

In fact, you thrive on it. When engaged, you pick up the nuances in group reactions to your delivery methods and message. This gives you a subtle advantage to assess and adjust as needed for maximum influence. This means that teleconferencing is typically not the preferred method of delivery. You are at your best when live and in front of the crowd.

You have a consistently positive attitude.

Colleagues often see you as the “perpetual optimist.” (A world-class EIA we know even considers himself to be a “pathological optimist!”) This attitude is infectious and brings the community together quickly.

You are easy to communicate and connect with.

You are a professional and personable connector. You do it easily. You do it well.

You can use your social graph as a sounding board and for collaboration.

You love the concept of ideation—the more diverse the group, the more powerful the process. Facilitating collaboration and getting the entire team engaged as a sounding board creates exponential value.

You woo.

To woo is to seek to persuade, win and gain favor. The EIA does this better than any other gift on both an individual and mass scale. But left to your own devices, you always prefer to influence as many people as possible.

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