DLF: Dominion Leadership & Freedom


You prefer an institutional approach.

This moves beyond the corporation into the very fabric of culture and society. According to Wikipedia, “An institution is any structure or mechanism of social order and cooperation governing the behavior of a set of individuals within a given community. Institutions are identified with a social purpose, transcending individuals and intentions by mediating the rules that govern cooperative living behavior.”

The term institution is widely used in social theory to refer to the process of embedding something (for example a concept, a social role, a particular value or mode of behavior) within an organization, social system, or society as a whole.

This is the true calling of the DLF. Not just to build an empire, but to institutionalize values and be life-giving in an organization, social system and society.

As a DLF, you seek and thrive under pressure.

If not under pressure, you will go find it in one form or another. Studies have shown that upon retirement, the lifespan of a DLF is significantly shorter. However, the DLF that continues to work enjoys many more years of health and productivity.

You are an empire builder.

Again, this is not necessarily a corporate empire, but can also be a social one. Even families can be mini empires.

You always think, “Bigger is better.”

Everything can always be improved, optimized and brought to scalability. Bigger represents authority to you. And more authority is always better.

You are a strong administrator and not necessarily always the visionary.

This is a common misconception of the DLF. The DLF can administratively run like no other with a vision from another source. Administrators in the office that have been given entire support portfolios are marvelously productive.

You value loyalty, even above competence.

You understand that institutional order is not possible without loyalty. The thought of betrayal turns your stomach like nothing else. If somebody is loyal, then competence can always be taught.

You can “righteously” administer consequences.

This may seem somewhat Machiavellian considering today’s make-nice expectations of corporate trends. However, the DLF does not shy away from the natural process of consequences in the context of allowing people to mature. The principle of “productive pain” is something the DLF knows very well. This is not intended to be heavy-handed or sadistic by any stretch. For example, a parent that allows a child to miss an event because they do not have the discipline to wake up on time is administering productive pain for future success. This can also be done within the organizational context in a manner that does not damage, but rather enhances the individual’s chance for future success.


It is important that others be under pressure like what you are under.

Pressure is a tool to optimize the system and cause professional growth. If all hands are not on deck, maximum leverage and productivity is threatened.

You are the last to cast blame.

The preferred course of action is to learn, grow and fix the problem. (Unfortunately, this also means the DLF can be the last to accept blame as well.)

You are motivated to see others grow and mature.

Compared to the other gifts, you possess a maturing one. As the full MDNA name implies, you want to see people grow into freedom. Freedom is the ability to do the right thing without needing any effort or external guidance. Therefore, you look for opportunities to see people mature whether they really desire it or not.

You disdain being micro-managed.

You are in control. You are focused. You know what it takes to get the job done and to solve problems along the way. To be micro-managed is to question your competence. And ultimately, this speaks volumes to the level of loyalty you feel.

You are as busy as you want to be.

Outside observers think that individuals with the DLF gift are always way too busy for their own good. Typically, however, individuals with this MDNA can function with very little sleep. And while other gifts can get out of control, the DLF has the ability to throttle the busyness up and down at will. In many cases, for better or for worse, the DLF actually chooses to stay at full throttle.

You are undeterred by strong resistance and criticism.

You do not give in very easily. And when you are focused on a task, you could have a tractor chained to your neck and you would still steamroller the project. This includes the ability to clean up a mess despite being reviled by the critics.


You possess the strongest ability to draw productivity and competence from under-performers.

This is one of many leadership qualities that allow you to build with leverage. You have no problem giving people a chance to produce as long as they are willing to be part of the team and grow.

You never have a welfare mentality.

A welfare mentality is when you assume somebody else should be providing for your needs and opportunities. This is the last place you will ever go personally or professionally. You are always willing to take full responsibility for where you are and prefer it that way.

You provide resources, agendas and clout to achieve social growth and personal freedom.

Resources refer to anything and everything, from human capital to financial capital. Agendas are clearly mandated, which you have no problem doing. Finally, clout is the influence you exert when somebody works under your banner. This can be corporate clout or social clout. When combined, all three can be leveraged for social growth and personal freedom.

You are effective with institutional authority as a leader.

Not everybody can handle this properly. As Spiderman can attest, with great power comes great responsibility. Whereas everybody has the capacity for leadership within different spheres, some are designed for to be in that hot seat of authority as a leader or leaders. You embody this.

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