DLF: Dominion Leadership & Freedom


The DLF is best described using the word “institutional.” The DLF, above all other MDNA gifts, is considered a fighter and a builder. They are hard-wired to build personal and professional empires. They thrive on being under pressure and prefer seeing others under the same pressure as well. But at the heart of the DLF is the desire to provide an institutional umbrella that provides freedom to people—the freedom to work, the freedom to grow, the freedom to live.

The term “dominion” means to exercise control and sovereignty. This is what makes the DLF a true leader. In our society today, the DLF is celebrated by the media, all the while reviling them for their leadership methods. Armed with tenacity, strategy and laser-like focus, the DLF believes bigger is always better. Compared to the other gifts, the ability of the DLF to leverage something small into something exponentially larger is unparalleled.


Some examples of popular DLFs, today and throughout history, are empire builders like Henry Ford, founder of Ford Motors; Richard Branson, whose Virgin brand extends across a multitude of industries such as music, airlines and wireless to name a few; Elon Musk, PayPal founder and CEO of Tesla and SpaceX; and Dana White, president of the Ultimate Fighting Championship that singlehandedly made Mixed Martial Arts the fastest growing sport in the world.

(Celebrity profiles are unofficial, unverified and for educational purposes only.)

Brand Culture

Here is how a DLF individual impacts six dimensions of an organization's culture::


Facilitates innovation by providing resources, agendas and clout. Prefers to administrate versus innovate. Creates environment for maturity. Always sees innovation from bigger and better angles.


Highly productive and administrative. Vision often exceeds current resources that require proper management. Massive driver of growth. Bigger is better. Empire builder. (Do not micro-manage!)


Handles transition effectively if properly planned with institutional framework. Prefers to build towards change versus abrupt imposition of it. Best administrator of change if there is order and loyalty.


Expands network from institutional perspective. Strongest administrator. Bigger is better but loyalty is just as important. Learn to drive expansion, but also nurture during the process.


Knowledge is valued from an institutional perspective for authority. Understands the need for others to have access to information, to learn and grow, but may not personally be interested in synthesis.


Leads and builds community by providing institutional order. Only profile with natural ability to implement consequences and allow others to experience pain to mature. Requires loyalty. Desires freedom for all.

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