KWR: Knowledgeable Wisdom & Responsibility


One can always recognize the KWR because of their passion for knowledge and the validation of that knowledge. The KWR is a walking Wiki—the resident subject matter expert. But this MDNA is not just about knowledge; it is about the application of that knowledge for the sake of education and wisdom. The KWR specializes in intellectual capital. The best way to describe this MDNA gift is the word “doctrinal.”  This is not meant in a religious sense. It is about how teachings, beliefs, theories, tenets and precepts combine into a system of knowledge to undergird everything we do. But the KWR must know that knowledge also comes with an obligation to understand and practice holistic responsibility.


Some examples of popular KWRs, today and throughout history, are Dr. Phil, the celebrity talk-show and author; the famous martial artist and movie star Bruce Lee; another famous KWR athlete is NFL quarterback Peyton Manning; and finally pioneering scientists Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking were KWRs. And just for fun, the character Walter White from the hit television series Breaking Bad, was written also as a KWR.

(Celebrity profiles are unofficial, unverified and for educational purposes only.)

Brand Culture

Here is how a KWR individual impacts six dimensions of an organization's culture:


Provides validation approach to innovation. Will not immediately accept or reject new theories. Strong analytical skills that require rational processing before leaps of faith. Precise but will not impose.


Provides research and analysis to support growth initiatives. Can provide compliance and best practices to educate for increased productivity. May seem slow and unproductive due to rational process.


Requires rational time to process transition, which can frustrate others. Accepts all change initiatives and directions but will require validation to support it. Will present options of change.


Expansion is based upon how to take knowledge and apply it for holistic responsibility. Provide doctrinal support when making new connections. Will be approachable. Celebrate tradition.


Naturally the most effective profile for knowledge management. Highest in precision and observational detail. Ability to educate safely and simplify information for digestion. Can be a “know-it-all.”


Leads and builds community through education and training. Can manage and transfer knowledge effectively. Emphasis on tradition. Doctrinal influence. Emotionally safe and unimposing.

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