SSA: Synergizing with Other Gifts

Working with a mature SSA is both straightforward and a pleasure. The key is really found in maximizing the relationship. Understand that of all the MDNA gifts, the SSA is wired to meet current and practical needs without ulterior motives. Empowering the SSA with principles, resources and leadership authority is the ultimate win-win proposition. However, be prepared to meet resistance from a person who is SSA since someone with this

MDNA will naturally feel they should be doing this for you first.

There are social dynamics and the potential for synergistic relationships between the SSA and the other gifts that are beneficial to understand. They are as follows:


This can be an effective combination because the UCD can bestow a certain amount of social dignity upon the SSA. The SSA needs to hear and receive from the UCD something to the effect of, “This is who you are, so let’s realize your core design and potential.”


A naturally productive combination especially when there is a clear directive. If not, both SSAs will find plenty to do together.


Possibility of a strong partnership for training. The SSA provides the leadership while the KWR contributes and manages knowledge. This can be particularly practical in the areas of compliance and governance within upper echelons of management.


Can be a positive and simple interdependent relationship. Professionally, the EIA carries the vision and points out an objective. The SSA executes. Done. They must be careful, however, not to become co- dependent.


The SSA has the ability to protect the entrepreneurial initiative of the CVS, especially in the early stages. The authority of the SSA can be instrumental in preventing premature stagnation or loss of momentum on projects.


The DLF appreciates the productivity and loyalty of the SSA. However, the combination can become reduced to the DLF expecting mere tangible execution from the SSA when the SSA has the ability to contribute much more on a strategic level.


Can be a finicky combination. The IAF can become overtly focused on vision while disconnecting from pragmatic realities where the SSA prefers to operate. The vision can become too expansive for current resources while the SSA feels the inability to keep up.

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