CVS: Compelling Value & Stewardship


The CVS can be the most difficult (and often frustrating) MDNA to recognize and define. The most helpful way to describe the CVS is being “resourceful” and “value-driven.” Being resourceful makes the CVS the most flexible and diverse of all the MDNA gifts as far as professional acumen. It is not uncommon to see this MDNA in start- up capacities because of their wide range of abilities and interests. Their ability to manage networks of resources, including people and finances, to generate return on investment is unparalleled.

Managing resources and generating ROI (not just in business, however) is the basic concept behind stewardship. Not only does the CVS drive value, but does so in such a compelling way that a legacy develops.

In other words, the CVS is the ultimate trustee in an organization. They are like the gift that keeps on giving. However, the CVS is prone to independence and risk aversion by accumulating resources and finding security in them. Although private by nature, this gift can connect the dots to achieve strategic value.


Some examples of popular CVS, today and throughout history, are Andrew Carnegie, leader of the American steel industry and author of the article “Gospel of Wealth”; Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft and global philanthropist; the famous investor and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway; former First Lady of the United States and Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton; Gene Simmons, co-founder of the rock band Kiss that has sold over 100 million albums; and Muhammad Yunus, Nobel Peace Prize winner and founder of the Grameen Bank also known as the “Banker to the poor.”

(Celebrity profiles are unofficial, unverified and for educational purposes only.)

Brand Culture

Here is how a CVS individual impacts six dimensions of an organization's culture:


Risk aversion can stifle innovation. But can provide key approvals and “blessings” to innovation that represents value and credibility. Focuses on return on investment. Can facilitate innovation despite ideological tension.


Can be a major driver of healthy production and profitable revenue growth when partnered with other profiles. Hard worker. Highest level of versatility and competence. Creatively connects value.


Risk aversion can become an issue during transition initiatives. Will adapt once all options are carefully weighed and value is recognized. May not see a need for change if attached to old pattern issues.


Expansion is approached based upon resource management, multiplication and legacy. Will make network connections to keep options open. Learn how to take risks and be open to social investment.


Gathers and manages knowledge as a resource. Highly versatile and diligent in gaining and applying knowledge if there is high value and good return on investment. Can lack transfer skills due to independence.


Most independent and private of all profiles, yet networks community well. Can connect community despite ideological conflict without alienating. Provides resources. Focus on legacy.

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