EIA Brand Culture: Social Experience

The Social Experience organization is differentiated by its ability to connect individuals and groups and by engaging and monetizing those connections. These companies often have the largest market footprint and harness mass media while staying connected to their consumer base. This doesn’t mean the company has to be big itself, it just has a big reach. It is not uncommon for this brand to launch and represent a social movement.

The core competence of the Social Experience organization is attraction. Many are familiar with the law of attraction, but in many ways this is different here. This organization is able to see the reality of any market condition and ensure attraction in that market occurs.

Facebook is the ultimate online version of allowing people to stay connected and engage on a mass scale. The Ultimate Fighting Championship has made mixed martial arts the fastest growing sport by creating a fan experience like no other live sporting event does. And of course Coca-Cola, at one time one of the most valuable global brands, manages to make beverages a social experience.

Other examples of the Social Experience brand are:

  • Victoria’s Secret
  • Oprah Winfrey
  • Product Red (social campaign to fight HIV/AIDS in Africa)
  • WestJet