EIA: Synergizing with Other Gifts

Initially, it is easy to synergize with the EIA. The EIA will always adapt, up to a certain point. However, going deeper and optimizing personal and professional output is more difficult for some MDNA gifts than others. Certain gifts will delight in the EIA’s ability to communicate and entertain, while others will accuse the EIA of being shallow and full of hot air. Understand that the EIA exists for social engagement on a mass scale. Respecting this gift’s ability to enter—even create—the spotlight is a critical component to synergizing with this free-spirited, visionary gift.

It is beneficial to understand the social dynamics and potential synergies between the EIA and the other gifts as follows:


A powerful combination because both are visionary. Where the UCD sees far and narrow, the EIA sees short-term and wide. The UCD provides the principles and confrontation skills to balance the EIA's desire for social engagement. Both must be careful to stay grounded in reality when working towards a vision.


Another potentially effective combination because the SSA is willing to execute the visionary plans of the EIA. The EIA must be careful to respect the SSAÊs boundaries and not exploit a willingness to respond.


The KWR provides an internal technical foundation, whereas the EIA moves towards external interface development. Together, the potential is a balanced culture that connects internal and external viability. The KWR also provides a sense of proper timing to the EIA through precision and validation of information.


Two EIAs can be compared to dueling pianos—highly entertaining but lacking depth.


The CVS appreciates the visionary and relational side of the EIA. When the EIA has a big idea, the CVS will naturally attempt to help realize it. However, the EIA must be careful to maintain credibility or the CVS will disengage.


This combination is rarely effective unless both parties agree upon a mutual understanding of leadership order. The EIA is driven to expansion through social engagement. The DLF is driven to expansion through scalable systems. Both agree that expansion is important; however, one must submit to the other for there to be cohesive results.


Together, the EIA and IAF can produce something of sheer beauty. Both are highly visionary, but in different ways. As the EIA cares about presentation, the IAF possesses the ability to deliver the intentional design excellence to fulfill the vision. And where the EIA desires social engagement on a macro level, the IAF provides the balance of socially engaging on a micro level. Together, organizational culture and community benefit the most.

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