CVS: Compelling Value & Stewardship


Of all the MDNA gifts, you are the most versatile and flexible.

This is because you are resourceful and know how to manage every resource, including knowledge, finances, relationships and anything else that contributes value to the overall objective.

You can, therefore, be hardest to identify as to where you fit in an organization.

Again, this is pretty much because you are proficient at just about anything. But this comes in particularly handy when birthing new ideas and new initiatives.

You prefer a generational and legacy approach, which means you think beyond just the current project or strategy.

You are naturally wired with the desire to see value passed on beyond current objectives. This also applies to family, in which you bring a long-term planning approach to resource management and security.

To you, everything is value driven.

You know how to identify and measure value. You want to be known as somebody who provides resources and generates value for others. As a gatherer, manager and multiplier of resources, the CVS is commonly found in supply chain management or in financial consulting. You are a staunch believer that there is no increase in value unless resources are properly managed and multiplied.

You are typically a financial magnet.

Resources flow to you with seemingly little effort. The good deals naturally land in your lap. Where others go out to “get,” you tend to simply go out and “receive.”

In business, you champion return on investment.

In your mind, if it does not generate a return on investment, it is not worth the time or investment of any other resource. Therefore, every deal and project needs to show a certain level of credibility to anybody with this MDNA. You will only risk when the conditions are right for a substantial ROI.


You are independent.

You do not want to be needy. Having peace and being in control is important to you.

You are private.

There really is not any value in sharing your personal history and feelings with everybody. When it is required, however, you have no problems being vocal and engaging. But transparency is not your default social position.

You are opportunistic, preferring to explore and keep all options open versus tackling challenge directly.

When you are executing a project or structuring a deal, the more options there are the better.

You are generous yet wise with resources.

You are not interested in giving a hand-out when a hand-up will create more long-term value. This creates a social ROI, which is just as important to you as a financial one.

You take a creative approach to derive value.

Pushing through the front door is not always the best option. Sometimes a side door, back door, window or even a skylight will do. Your creativity in generating results is what makes you an organizational asset.

You hesitate to accept absolutes.

Nothing is black and white. You see all the grays. In fact, you see everything as relative within the context of people and the situations. This is the best way to stay flexible and leverage diversity for value.

You are connected.

You maintain your social network not necessarily for relationships, but for value. You understand that social engagement is necessary, but it typically represents a means to an end. You connect for a win-win, when being independent won’t get you there.


You can create an environment to nurture and foster new initiatives.

You are prepared to be the president, executive, administrator and even janitor. As long as the process is credible, start-up situations do not intimidate you at all.

You are highly keen to ulterior motives.

In the back of your mind, you are always wondering, “What’s the catch?” or “When’s the next shoe going to drop?” This does not mean you believe everybody is out to cheat you. This just means you are properly managing your resources against risk for maximum return. Therefore, you are always looking for credibility and validity in any business deal or value proposition.

You have the strongest ability to sustain ideological tension without need for closure.

This ability is uncanny and represents the social glue often needed in any organizational culture. Your ability is unparalleled by any of the other gifts and stems from seeing nothing as black and white.

You are a natural dealmaker and negotiator.

When it is time to get down to brass tacks, you have no problem asking the tough questions or presenting important terms. You do not do this through platitudes and other superficial techniques. You are serious about generating win-win value for all parties.

You possess extreme productive value.

Your flexibility and resourcefulness leads to high levels of productivity. When focused, you are disciplined and accountable for execution—again, especially in start-up scenarios.

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