DLF: Synergizing with Other Gifts

The most effective way to synergize with the DLF is to understand loyalty and maturation. The DLF must feel a sense of trust to feel empowered and to operate within their core strengths. Taking an "I got your back" attitude when it comes to a project or work team makes all the difference in synergizing with this MDNA.

The next consideration is to accept that, to the DLF person, growing in maturity is not an option but a must. A DLF is not engaged unless they are the Alpha, whether formally or not. And without systematic and scalable growth, they experience no fulfillment. Remember that, to a person with this MDNA, everything is capable of being bigger and better. And they believe every individual can also grow by taking more responsibility and pressure. Every issue and challenge is an opportunity to learn and grow. Do not take the harsh lessons or disciplinary actions from this gift personally. A mature DLF is there to help you experience freedom in the professional world so that you reap the benefits in your personal one as well.

It is beneficial to understand the social dynamics and potential synergies between the DLF and individuals with the following MDNA.


For these two gifts to co-exist, both must be mature and properly aligned. The UCD is a natural advisor to the DLF but must not become judgmental. The DLF must also be willing to hear the blunt perspective of the UCD without becoming insecure or questioning loyalties. When working together however, the capacity to strategically execute and solve problems dramatically increases.


Every successful DLF is surrounded by individuals who have the SSA gift. Both gifts together have the highest potential for productivity. However, the SSA can become the easiest to exploit. The DLF must be mindful of this.


Working with the KWR can become frustrating for the DLF because of rational processing times. However, a mature DLF knows when the precision and knowledge management capacity of a KWR are necessary and add value.


This is an interesting combination that is generally determined by the leadership structure. When in the lead, the EIA tends to push a vision that is not always properly grounded in pragmatic realities or effective process. The EIA enthusiastically tells the DLF, "Let us get 'er done!" The result is typically the DLF ends up using his or her capacity and natural potential to try to salvage a bad plan. When functioning synergistically, the EIA can thrive as a grounded leader with DLF's clear agenda, resources and clout to execute.


The DLF typically resists the independence of the CVS, especially if that independence is based upon entitlement or immaturity. Because the DLF seeks loyalty and the CVS seeks independence, neither will ever volunteer to work together. There must be a mutually beneficial goal with clear parameters first. Although rare, this combination can be powerful if the CVS sees that the DLF can help bring systems and vision to scale for an even greater return on investment.


It is rare to see two DLFs working together effectively unless there is a clear hierarchy and established terms of engagement. Alpha-dog kinds of confrontations are common. Eventually, the DLF that chooses to concede institutional control must have his or her own portfolio of ownership without even a hint of micro- management from the other DLF. (In our experience, a male DLF and a female DLF often have an easier time establishing hierarchy.)


This combination can be both tedious and delicate. While both are drawn to each other for their strengths, there are major differences that must be reconciled for a healthy co-existence. First, the DLF must understand the IAF does not think in linear and rational fashion. Asking an IAF to explain their intuitive thought process is like forcing them to reduce a priceless renaissance masterpiece into a paint-by-numbers kit. The next area of contention is emotional blame. As discussed, the DLF is not interested in blame at all. However, the IAF will always carry an emotional burden and will assume that whatever is wrong must then be their fault. This renders the IAF ineffective, and to the DLF he or she appears unwilling to take responsibility and mature. Ultimately, unless these differences are reconciled, the DLF will always feel the IAF sees the world subjectively when an objective approach is required. It is possible for both perspectives to be complimentary and enhance each party on personal and professional levels.

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