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KWR/DLF Celebrity: Louis Litt (Suits)

KWR/DLF Celebrity: Louis Litt (Suits)

Louis Litt is one of the reasons why Suits is so awesome. He is crazy, hilarious, antagonizing, infuriating and wonderful all at the same time. He is a great example of the KWR when it comes to a professional field like practicing law.

Louis Litt is a total nerd. He is a subject matter expert in the law, theater and ballet. KWRs love having all the knowledge of specific subjects and appreciate tradition. As a KWR, Louis also excels when it comes academic achievement. He is very proud of coming from Harvard which is also a KWR organization in its social DNA and Brand Culture. And just like a KWR, he is very precise with information while being very, very quirky (just watch him dictate into his personal recorder and you will see why).

One of the quirks that can stunt a KWR is the necessity to be right. That is Louis. This gets him in trouble all the time.

Now Louis loves the law. This is very KWR. But the KWR can be legalistic which is also part of Louis' dysfunctional patterns. If people aren't doing things to the letter of the law, he gets pretty upset. Yet, this makes him a master at the law and a masterful lawyer, especially when it comes to forensic legal analysis.

KWRs can also struggle with selective responsibility. Louis is constantly being challenged to take responsibility for his actions and the team. This is why those around him hold up a mirror to his actions so he can take responsibility.

What makes Louis so interesting is how insecure he is. This is why he has developed a DLF secondary.

DLF (Dominion Leadership & Freedom)

The DLF can be an institutional leader. When disengaged and dysfunctional, the DLF needs to have a title and the power that comes with it. Louis covers his insecurities by seeking power. Which is why, for several seasons, he always made power plays to become a named partner at the firm. In the most recent episode, he even makes a play to become managing partner and is rebuked. Later he admits that, just like in The Lord of the Rings, the institutional power would have corrupted him.

The DLF in Louis however, makes him a good leader. Sure, he is a cruel task master to first year associates. But he also teaches them to be tough and loyal to the firm. Not to say his methods are always advisable, but there is nothing wrong with helping others develop a thick skin when it comes to the world of corporate law.

Regardless of how dysfunctional Louis can be, he has a heart of gold. On the inside he is just a kid who loves the law and wants to be loved the same. Like him or loathe him, I hope Louis continues to develop and find redemption in his character arc.

And no Suits week of profiles would be complete without the boss: Jessica Pearson.

Fictional characters also can have MDNA profiles. Typically every great character is based upon somebody in real life, except the persona and core traits are amplified. This makes learning the principles of their MDNA profile much easier and a valuable exercise. Not to mention it can be fun and entertaining.

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